About us

Vignobles Claoué Morton has belonged to the same family for over five generations. In fact, since 1830 the Yvon family, direct ancestors of the Claoué Mortons, has supplied Cognac to merchants in the region.
Our philosophy is summarised by three words: tradition, quality and professionalism. We are proud producers of superior quality Cognac, made by a combination of traditional methods and state of the art materials.
Vignobles Claoué Morton occupies its own facilities, and is consequently able to manage the entire cycle of production. Our ultimate aim is to provide a finished product that lives up to the reputation of this wonderful region.
The cycle of Cognac production comprises: work on the vines, harvesting, wine production, distillation and ageing in local cellars.
Our facilities include a continuous screw system cellar, vats and a state of the art press. They also include a distillery with two 25 hl copper pot stills, and three ageing cellars. All of our facilities meet current legal and safety norms.
Once our Cognac has reached its optimal ageing point, we deliver it to wine merchants in the region. The same merchants have been doing business with Vignobles Claoué Morton for over two generations. 

Lucien Yvon

Henriette Peychez

Lucienne Claoué

Anne-Marie Claoué Morton

John-Archer Morton

Claoué Morton Vignobles owns 33.33 ha of vineyards and 45 ha of arable land.
All of our vineyards and arable land is located in Salles-d’Angles, in the Grande Champagne region in Charente.